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Twin Tank Softener
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Complete systems have a 10-year limited warranty

We use Fleck brand softeners, and Trojan UV system. We recommend people upgrade to a twin tank as opposed to a single tank because twins regenerate with soft water, extending the life of the softener and using considerable less salt.

Soft water does a great job at extending the life of your appliances, and keeping them clean - but it was never designed for drinking. Reverse Osmosis, on the other hand, was created just for that purpose. The membrane in the R.O. filters out all of the dissolved solids that a softener cannot. Our reverse osmosis systems come with chrome faucets or custom ones, depending on the customer's choice. Our R.O. system is great because our filters are not proprietary, so the customer can do the yearly replacement for $20 as opposed to paying over $180 for a company to do it. Aside from hooking the system up to a faucet, we can also hook it up to the refrigerator or ice maker.

Our AIO system is great for houses that have nasty rotten egg smell that is caused by sulphur in the water. Our system uses no chemicals, just carbon media and air pressure.

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