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Salt water softeners extend the life of your appliances by keeping mineral deposits from building on them. They help you save money because you’ll use up to 50% less soap and detergents. As the name “soft water” suggests, water softener systems keep your hair shiny and soft; keep your skin moisturized and free from acne-inducing residue; keep your clothes brighter and whiter; and make taking showers and washing dishes sudsier and more enjoyable. Soft water systems are also much gentler on plumbing, whereas hard water causes rust damage in sinks, tubs, dishwashers and washing machines.

Salt Water Softeners vs. Electronic Water Conditioners

Sometimes misnamed as a water softener, a saltless system is actually a water conditioner. Water conditioners help prevent deposits from building up on your appliances, but they do not provide the true benefits of softened water.

Efficient, Affordable Salt Water Softeners!

Our systems are highly efficient, so they use less salt to get the same result as other less efficient systems. Our softeners are also more affordable than the more advertised brands such as Culligan and Kinetico. We guarantee you will be 100% happy with your new system, and we offer a 10-year warranty!

  • Affordable Prices
  • Metered Units
  • Small, Compact Units
  • Top-Rated Brands
  • 24/7 On Demand Soft Water
  • Controller Modules

Why choose C&J?

C&J Well Co. of Indianapolis is a local, family-owned and operated business. Our long history of well drilling and service allow us to perform water treatment services for which other treatment companies don’t have the knowledge or equipment. At C&J, our technicians are experts in their field and are happy to show you how your system works as well as how to care for it to extend its life. We are members of the Water Quality Association, the Better Business Bureau and the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis... not to mention we are 2016 winners of Angie’s List Super Service Award!

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Need your existing softener serviced? We can do that too! We service all top water softener brands, including Culligan, Kinetico, Aqua Systems, Trojan & Fleck water softeners!

Water Softener Options

Single Tank Softeners

Twin Tank Softeners

Single Tank Water Softener Twin Tank Water Softener
5600 series – single tank metered regeneration 9100 series – twin tank demand regeneration
If you are a small family, or have very limited space for your water treatment equipment, this is the softener for you. These are our “top-of-the-line” water softeners. They offer 24-hour, on-demand soft water.
This is a single tank water softening unit which regenerates from a separate brine tank. Our single tank water softeners are built with controller modules, a technology that for years has proven to be a reliable product. The benefit of having a twin tank is that when it needs to regenerate, it will switch over to the secondary tank for continuous soft water. Constantly regenerating with soft (iron free) water extends the life of your media, and also uses less salt than most single tank units.

Here's what people are saying about C&J:

  • "As the owner of Indiana leading "On Your Lot Builder", I can attest that Hallmark Homes has relied on C&J for many years. Josh and his team have always been very responsive to our customers needs and their service and pricing is the best I found."

    - Paul S.

  • "Superb service and value! You are a model for others!"

    - Jeff R.

  • "Thank you so much for your promptness. We will tell of your service."

    - Sandy H.

  • "Everything went great! I have used this company before. I will continue to recommend and use them."

    - Jamie B.

  • "I felt our repair work was in competent hands. This is a top quality business, ethical and fair."

    - McNeely

  • "Thanks! We are very happy. We have the water pressure to water our lawn and house use!"

    - Veyette

  • "I want to give this company an A+++ review! There was no mess, noise, or odors."

    - Eric L.

  • "We were well pleased with service and response time. Thanks"

  • "I will recommend you on Angie's List!"

    - Zickmund

  • "Prompt, professional service. We were extremely pleased with their work. The constant pressure pump is amazing!"

    - Bruce V.

  • "The technicians were very polite, and knowledgeable in their work."

    - Robert Thorpe

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